Bingo Strategy

Some people laugh when you put the words ‘Bingo’ and ‘Strategy’ in the same sentence but we know that there are ways that you can improve your chances of getting your next win by following some of the advice here. For the more scientific approaches to Bingo Strategy, you can read our articles about Granville’s stratgegy and Tippett’s strategy. In the meantime we’ve racked up a list of ways that you can get the most out of your Bingo experience.


Some might sound a bit obvious but…


1) Take any ‘Freebees’ on offer

Take and use any Welcome offer or whatever the Bingo site will give you to keep your custom. Make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions of the ‘Freebees’ and then go ahead and enjoy them.


2) Be Prepared

‘Be Prepared’ was always one of the mottos of the girl/boy scouts but it is a valuable lesson in online bingo strategy too. Try to find out which bingo games have promotions running with them such as ‘Jackpots’, Money Back offers, additional money added to the pot and free tickets/cards. There is always some value to be found but it’s all about being prepared and knowing where and when to find it.




3) More tickets = better chance of win

It might be a more obvious Bingo strategy but the more tickets that you have on your side the better chance you will have of winning a prize. For example let’s imagine there are 10 players with a ticket each in a game, youre chance of winning is 10%, if you were to buy 2 more tickets, you now have a 3/13 chance of winning which is 23%. Never go over your budget when buying tickets and try to stay in contol of the amount of tickets that you can follow as you will want to see what’s happening with your tickets even if they are automatically filling in online.


4) Manage your bankroll

Try not to spend more than 10% of your bankroll in a day. Let’s say your budget is £/€100 per month for bingo, then try not to spend more than £/€10 in a day.


5) Timing is Important

Try and find times where there aren’t too many people playing games to improve your chances of winning. Mornings are usually quieter then evenings.



6) The CM is your friend

Socialise with other players in the chat function and take part in the CM games. While it won’t increase your chances of winning the game, there are plenty of side prizes that you can win by being an active member of a chat group.


7) Play at reputable sites

The best sites will give you the best overall Bingo experience and the best bonuses to add to that. Right now we are only reviewing the ‘cream of the crop’ so if you go to the Get Your Bonus page you’ll see what offers we have ready and waiting for you there. Great Bingo strategy is that!


8) Enjoy Yourself

Yes, we know that this doesnt directly have much to do with improving your chances of winning but we indirectly believe it does. We think that if you stay positive, calm and play within your means that Karma will be kinder to you.



Best of Luck at the tables… The only thing left is to get yourself a bonus and off you go!