Bingo Quiz Games

Thankfully you don’t need to have a university degree to play bingo, as it’s not a difficult game to master. Millions of people throughout the world can vouch for that. You play to relax and enjoy the buzz and excitement and winning some dosh along the way can’t be bad. Like any other game you play you have to know the lingo and be able to talk the talk which means to speak fluently or convincingly about something in a way to impress others. Ok, I hear you moan (but I don’t want to impress anyone thank you). Then it’s good to learn to increase your skill and feel more comfortable around your bingo pals. If you are a poker player, you know what is “Fold, Call and Raise” as well as a “Royal flush, Full House, Trips” etc because not knowing would be somewhat embarrassing and nobody would take you seriously. Similarly with bingo, you have to learn the vocabulary and the acronyms used, especially when chatting on an online bingo game in a chat room.

For beginners it’s a bit daunting but if this is your game of choice then the more you learn the more comfortable you feel. Practice makes perfect like everything in life. Seasoned bingo players, who have got years of practice under their belt, will instantly recognise the acronyms in our little match up game and won’t need to look for the answers that are mixed up. Newbie’s will take longer but it’s a fun teaser and all things bingo should be fun. It’s a well known fact, you learn while you are having fun and the knowledge sticks. In the chat rooms, acronyms are used effectively to create brevity and clarity as quickly as possible. You don’t want to have to write screeds to get your message across. Short, succinct acronyms do the trick nicely. When you have worked out our game, you may observe all the acronyms are positive and uplifting because in a chat room you want to have a good atmosphere (a good vibe).

So the Bingo Quiz Games are below…

In the first Bingo Quiz you have the Acronym (on the left) – which has been paired up with the wrong meaning on the right.

Go down the list and match it with the correct one

Answers at the bottom of the page… Good Luck

YOLO – good luck all
JP – as soon as possible
GM – good game
GL – hurry back
GLA – I see
ROFL – for crying out loud
AFAIK – be back later
FCOL – talk to you later
GN – good morning
L8R – no problem
AFK – better luck next time
LOL – Just Kidding
HAGD – in my honest opinion
IC – good luck
FYI – jackpot                                                                                                                                                                  SRY – keep in touch
ASAP – as far as I know
TX – long time no see
BLNT – good night
CM – thanks
GG – later
TC – you’re very welcome
HB – away from the keyboard
YVW – take care
JK – for your information
2TG – laugh out loud
BBL – well done
KIT – rolling on the floor laughing
LTNC – one bingo ball to go
TTYL – sorry
1TG – you only live once
WD – have a good day
IMHO – two bingo call balls to go
NP – chat manager


So now that you have done that successfully, on to the “commonly used vocabulary” to see how many you recognise

On the WayBingo BonusesCoverallBingo Board
Multiple WinnersWinner Takes All Buy InFour CornersAdmission
Buy InFree SpaceBingo EtiquetteBingo Player
Bingo HallMushroomPostage StampBingo Promotions
Bingo LingoBingo SlotsBingo SheetsInstant Bingo
Bingo MarkerElectronic DauberEarly BirdsChat Master
Bingo OddsFull HouseBlowerWinner
DepositFlimsiesLights Out75 ball bingo
Chat Room GameAfter GamesHard CardAnyway
90 ball bingoWild NumberCash BallDauber
Bingo CardCallers ChoiceConsolation PrizeChat
JackpotBingo RoomsSix-PackBingo
Nine-PackAdmission PackBingo AliasCaller
ValidationBasket BingoRoomiesQuickie
Speed BingoPatternHouseMoneyball
Wrap UpSessionSplit PotPayout

Now get your head around that lot. The internet is awash with glossaries. We didn’t want to follow the crowd so we made up another teaser for you but more difficult and with a twist, no we are not playing blackjack!!! The twist is…We have chosen only 20 of the vocabulary words and instead of giving you the standard meaning, we have scrambled the word order of the meanings. (Hint – the Capital Letter starts the sentence)


Mushroom – together electronic terminals mushroom A grouped of group in bingo a the shape of.

On the Way – same A when is on-the-way the bingo game a pattern coverall it is in played as.

Electronic Dauber – player system halls called numbers many bingo-cards the checks A in which bingo they and them of across as marks for are lots.

Bingo Alias – an nickname when website bingo like A the a is to player known as alias name just account a they a chooses be on create.

Early Birds Game – session game the A game first played regular before of the.

Speed Bingo – rapid usually after before out A where succession are or game numbers session played regular in called a the.

Chat Room Game – websites games played chat Side in alongside the bingo which normal rooms games are the on.

Session – well a include In special series of session games bingo played one is it another as may after a halls regular games however.

Full house – bingo all game To 90 lines of in complete ball three a.

Bingo odds – certain involves calls winning likelihood This of game with the number of a a.

After Games – played easy games out This is the as after session the one work is to that are it.

Admission – games number in The you minimum buy have to the in order participate to cards of.

Bingo Promotions – offer entice Are with good you on that the you more all play that things sites so.

Callers Choice – winning where for choose gets A to the the caller the game game pattern.

Flimsies – throwaways used Bingo known printed once cards on as thin be paper to also and.

Four Corners – to pattern ball four 75 which A all corners card covered win be the needs a to of bingo.

CH – game abbreviation chat The host on for an a online.

Validation – special Extra jackpots player able to prizes be advance in win and to a has money order in pay to.

Bingo Sheets – printed pages land-based bingo which The cards on are.

Pattern – be shape diagonal must vertical be covered or win that horizontal it to The.



Answers to acronyms Bingo Quiz Game:
YOLO – you only live once
JP – jackpot
GM – good morning
GL – good luck
GLA – good luck all
ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing
AFAIK – as far as I know
FCOL – for crying out loud
GN – good night
L8R – later
AFK – away from keyboard
LOL – laugh out loud
HAGD – have a good day
IC – I see
FYI – for your information
SRY – sorry
ASAP – as soon as possible
TX – thanks
BLNT – better luck next time
CM – chat manager
GG – good game
TC – take care
HB – hurry back
YVW – you’re very welcome
JK – just kidding
2TG – two bingo balls to go
BBL – be back later
KIT – keep in touch
LTNC – long time no see
TTYL – talk to you later
1TG – one bingo ball to go
WD – well done
IMHO – in my honest opinion
NP – no problem


Answers to scrambled meanings:
Mushroom – A group of electronic bingo terminals grouped together in the shape of a mushroom.
On the Way – A bingo pattern is on-the-way when it is played in the same game as a coverall.
Electronic Dauber – A system in many bingo halls which checks numbers as they are called across lots of bingo cards and marks them for the player.
Bingo Alias – A bingo alias just like a nickname is the name a player chooses to be known as when they create an account on a website.
Early Birds Game – A game played before the first game of the regular session.
Speed Bingo – A game usually played before or after a regular session where the numbers are called out in rapid succession.
Chat Room Game – Side games which are played in the chat rooms alongside the normal bingo games on websites.
Session – In bingo halls a session is a series of regular games played one after another however it may include special games as well.
Full House – To complete all three lines in a game of 90 ball bingo.
Bingo Odds – This involves the likelihood of winning a game with a certain number of calls.
After Games – This one is easy to work out as it is the games that are played after the session.
Admission – The minimum number of cards you have to buy in order to participate in the games.
Bingo Promotions – Are all the good things on offer that sites entice you with so that you play more.
Callers Choice – A game where the caller gets to choose the winning pattern for the game.
Flimsies – Bingo cards to be used once and printed on thin paper also known as throwaways.
Four Corners – A pattern which needs all the four corners of a 75 ball bingo card to be covered to win.
CH – The abbreviation for a chat host on an online game
Validation – Extra money a player has to pay in advance in order to be able to win special jackpots and prizes.
Bingo Sheets – The pages on which land-based bingo cards are printed.
Pattern – The shape that must be covered to win be it horizontal vertical or diagonal.


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