Granville Bingo Strategy

While Bingo is considered to be a game of chance (luck), a famous mathematician and financial writer call Joseph Granville managed to prove that there is a strategy that you can use in Bingo to give yourself better odds of winning. After years of analysis studying individual games he noted that every bingo game follows a pattern and by using this pattern to the players advantage there was a proven strategy of how to win more often.

Granville’s teachings are extremely simple to follow which makes it even more interesting as you don’t need to be a mathematician or scientist to follow the formula. He noticed that most players who were buying more than one card were not doing so in a way to greatly improve their chances of winning. In actual fact, he believed that you could purchase less cards and increase your chances of winning the game.


Let’s take 75 ball bingo as an example – Granville was American after all!

So there are 75 balls in the machine to choose from, and the likelihood of guessing the first ball correctly is 1 in 75 (1/75) and due to this there is ‘uniform distribution’. Each number has the same probability of coming out. That’s pretty straightforward so far.


We can also assume the following:

1) High and low numbers should balance out over the selected numbers during the game

2) Odd and even numbers should balance out over the selected numbers during the game

3) The likelihood of numbers ending in ‘0’s’, ‘1’s’, ‘2’s’, ‘3’s’, ‘4’s’ and so on should balance out over the selected numbers during the game


So, how do we put these quite obvious learnings into use practically?

Well when you play in a land based environment you don’t get to select your tickets or cards but online it is different as you can change your ticket or card. To improve your chances of winning a game, you need to pick a ticket or a card which has a good balance between the 3 checkpoints just mentioned.


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