When I couldn’t stop mentally humming “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder all night long, yes I know that’s another song but Mr Lionel Richie will just have to wait his turn, sorry and all that… I somehow knew an article was going to materialise in the morning, so here goes all you bingowars followers. I hope you enjoy the read and it raises a smile or two. The song I was mulling over and couldn’t get out of my head had falling ladders, the number 13, breaking mirrors and the devil, all contained in the lyrics so no wonder, no pun intended, I couldn’t nod off peacefully and get my beauty sleep and we all need that, right, say no more.


In our everyday life, we unconsciously adhere to superstitions, they are part of folklore passed down through the generations. How many times have you said “fingers crossed” before or after taking an exam, so that it brings you good luck. Or someone comments when you are being particularly moody and we hope that’s not an often occurrence. Well “who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning”…with a disapproving glare we all know. And as a child, your parents told you to cover your mouth when you yawned and you dutifully did because in the past people thought the devil could enter there. That’s a bit scary now that you know where that little ditty originated from. And you thought it was only a sign of good manners. You’ll never walk under a ladder as you don’t want to tempt fate and have something, like a pot of orange paint, crashing down on your head so you walk on the road fearless of the cars whizzing by at close quarters. When you spill salt you automatically throw salt over your left shoulder to counteract the bad luck. You knock on wood because good spirits live in trees and you need their protection. You love the thought of an itchy palm because that means money is coming your way. A sure sign you are going to win big time on the bingo. But you don’t relish the broken mirror scenario and having to go through seven years of bad luck, now that’s a bit of a bummer, especially if you break two.


You don’t open an umbrella inside your house, unless of course you have an extremely leaky roof and needs must as they say. Shoes on the table is another massive no no. That seemingly gives you bad luck for the rest of the day or a quarrel is imminent. Anyway you wouldn’t do that, think of the germs…And depending where you hail from, black cats crossing your path can be lucky or really unlucky. Thank goodness that is a lucky one for me, in fact I subconsciously look out for black cats to herald my bingo win. The number 13, unlucky for some and then add on a Friday and that sends shivers down certain people’s back. This phobia even has a name “Friggatriskaidekaphobia” wow that’s quite a mouthful. And talking of numbers, some people like to pick their lucky numbers through their star sign.


So let’s look at numbers, lucky and unlucky in different cultures. Bingo is a numbers game, so depending where you come from, some numbers are viewed luckier than others. In China, 2 is lucky because doubles bring blessings. 4 on the other hand, is unlucky because the word sounds like death, ok we get that. The luckiest number in the Chinese culture is 8 because it sounds similar to the word “Fa” which means fortune. Japanese people like this number too seemingly. Number 7 in the United States is considered lucky. That may have something to do with the Seven Wonders of the World perhaps. Number 4 is lucky in Germany because of the Four-Leaf Clover association. Number 9 for Norwegians is lucky as it is regarded as a sacred number. Number 3 is lucky in China, Sweden, Italy and the USA. In Sweden there is a saying “All good things must come in three”. For a moment think back to when you read fairy tales, how often does “I grant you three wishes” come up, said by the nice benevolent fairy godmother? In Russia, never give someone an even amount of flowers, that’s something you do at funerals. So if you are giving someone of Russian origin flowers, stick to odd numbers, now you know you won’t make that faux pas.

Lucky Clover leaves!

Seasoned bingo players throughout the world have their own set of lucky numbers, like birthdays, anniversaries or some date that is significant in their life. Being a bit superstitious can sometimes work in your favour because it makes you focus on the task and consequently you do better at it. So never knock the lucky numbers if it works for you, then go for it.

We all want to be lucky and lucky people don’t mind taking the odd risk here and there and they reap the benefits of their pluckiness. They are the ones who look on the bright side of life, view life with extreme optimism, not pessimism and it generally pays off. So they think lucky thoughts and by-in-large they are lucky. Positive thinking goes a long way if you want to be a winner and that’s the objective when playing bingo.

Most bingo players have lucky thoughts, charms and numbers, it’s all part of the fun and enjoyment they get out of playing. We all want to be the next big time winner and if knocking on wood, crossing your fingers, wearing your lucky charm bracelet makes you happy, feel free to continue your little rituals, you are not alone trust me. May you be showered with good fortune always and never lose the thrill of playing bingo, the game you love…And if you are new to bingo, remember there is always “beginner’s luck” you jammy thing!!!

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